Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finding your italian zone

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Even before playing with the idea of starting a garden blog, I should've figured out at first where I stood in the gardening zone. Little did I know that this bit of info could help me find, or to be found, by others with similiar climate conditions. Hello all of my fellow gardeners...I'm italian zone 8, although with the microclimate created in our valley, it can differ year to year.

The bottom link helped me to discover which zone I corresponded to in the general area, but it was the USDA Zone Map which pinpointed what my zone would be in relation to average annual minimum temperature. Look's like I'm zone 9b. Now I can toy with the idea of planting a persimmon tree. Hmmm...

Italian gardening zones

La zona di clima puo' essere utile a chiunque vuole sapere quali piante vanno bene per il suo clima. Sia albero, sia frutta e verdura, conoscete le vostre zone per coltivare meglio!


  1. I wonder if they have zoning here....hmmm...I usually just go buy what the DIY shop is selling.

  2. I'm in that zone too. Only found that out via your link. And I did plant a persimmon, as it happens. (Cachi - right?)

    Love the way the golden friut hangs on the bare winter branches -like Nature's Christmas tree. (Shame I haven't had a single one, yet!)

  3. Kat that would be interesting...I'd like to know! Especially if they have a map addressing all of the different areas.

    Casalba, persimmons are the ultimate fruit (although I tend to say this for whatever is in season). Kaki, cachi, and I think there's a dialect word for them too. They are indeed the xmas fruit trees in winter. I wish we had one!

  4. Hey, we do have zoning, I think we are 9a. Here is an interesting link which talks about different countries. :)

  5. I'd always wondered how the climate here in Lombardy corresponded to US zones. Not that I understand them very well being British :) but every time US bloggers refer to their zones I always tried to work out where they were in relation to here. Now I know why zone 3 gardeners can't grow some of the things i have on the balcony!

  6. Sue, I must admit that I'm a little doubtful for the whole zone thing here in Italy. Unless we're at a terrific elevation, shouldn't it simply be considered a mediterranean climate? I just envy the sicilians who are able to grow those blood red oranges. What an addition that would be to our northern italian gardens!


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