Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thai tiger eggplants are yielding fruit!

While spring took its sweet la-dee-da time in the mountains this year, I distinctly remember agitating over if it would ever warm up enough to leave my young thai eggplants outdoors - once and for all. Gardeners who had vegetable plots down at the lake were already in full transplanting stride, yet there I was, green with envy, wanting so much to get my green thumb going! When that time finally did come, out the eggplants went, and I hoped for all selfish reasons that this summer would be hotter than the last. The furthest thing from my mind was the arrival of any garden pest.

I didn't have to wait for long. The "pest" came in the form of a four-legged dachshund pup that recently became part of our family. He innocently nibbled every single one of the six thai eggplants (never ingesting but spitting out the pieces), so for awhile I had the potted plants set high where his short legs would never be able to jump and reach. It's been a month and a half of waiting, but look what's growing out on the terrace garden. Tiny, pale green orbs that shouldn't take much longer to become the 2 ounce, striped fruit as shown on the website from where I purchased the seeds.

And lastly the tomato jungle...

A 6-foot square section in one corner of the yard has been taken over by Rouge d'Irak tomatoes. I've dubbed it the enchanted corner since 3 lavender plants which were in the same exact spot last year grew to incredulous proportions. Brandywines, Cherokee Purples, Furry Yellow Hogs and Thessalonikis are all over the place - in pots, in the ground and even in hard clay soil in the back lot. They are all producing loads of fruit! Anybody want some, give me a holler...soon we'll be drowning in the stuff. But you know what? Next year I want even more.


  1. ooh, you should make tomato sauce or something preserved...I'm glad you will get some eggplants...exciting stuff!

  2. So many people getting good results from their eggplants this season... Definitely going to have to add those to our list for next year.

  3. You have a tomato jungle on your hands, but they look healthy. The eggplants are looking good too, I love those little purple blossoms they produce before they set fruit.

  4. Rowena, your plants look so lush! You've obviously got the perfect spot for them as well as a very green thumb! Are you planning to can or freeze some? My one Brandywine plant didn't set much fruit - only 6 or 7 - but most are huge. They still are far from ripe, but I'm beginning to enjoy my Sungold cherry tomatoes - yum!

  5. Hi Rowena, your Aubergine or better in italiano Melanzane plants look lush and healthy. I can't wait until I can grow them here again; usually the Thai long and slim, dark purple. A delightful name for your tomato corner. All the different tomatoes you grow, you are a green thumb champion. When you have to many, send some over please!

  6. Rowena, could you come over to my blog when you have some time. There is something waiting for you. Thank you T.

  7. Hallo Rowena, I just came over from Titania's blog and I want to congratulate you on your award. I just looked through your blog and, as an old Starwars fan, saw this funny clip which made me laugh a lot. So, !May the Farm be with you! And i wish you all the best for your organic garden!
    Nice to meet you!

  8. Good on the eggplants. Wow, you have a lot of tomatoes. I am jealous. LOL

  9. Looks like you have a real green thumb, congratulations on your bumper crop!

  10. Kat - if only the tomatoes would ripen! LOADS in the garden but not one red one in site. Agh!

    Shibaguyz - so far I've harvested only one thai tiger which filled out while we were away on vacation. If only the temps would stay high...I think it could be a lot longer wait for the rest of the eggplants.

    Cathy - I think this mountain soil, although heavy, has an ideal makeup of minerals and whatnot. No ripe Brandywines or any other tomatoes; we've had a cool summer so far. I'll probably need to wait until September.

    Maria - I'm glad you liked that Star Wars veggie clip! So very funny...May the Farm Be With You too!

    Laurie - I'll be even happier if the toms would just ripen! Oddly enough, today I saw a blog post on making fried green tomatoes -- maybe I should take that as a sign? ;-)

    ILP - I'm hesitant to say that I have a green thumb as this is my first effort at gardening on a bigger scale (stepping up from window sill level). All I know is that bat guano seems to work miracles!


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