Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And the winner is...Brandywine!


I really, really thought that the Japanese Black Trifeles would be the first, but as of today, they are still yellow-orange in color, and nowhere near the purplish black hue that I've seen in other images. So much for being the first tomato to arrive on the scene back in June.

Anyway...this is merely a documentation as the qualification for winning Tomato-of-the-Year in my garden is very simple. #1 - be more than 8oz in weight and entirely edible (no rotten spots). This one weighed precisely 300g/10.5 ounces, and I don't care if it turned into Scarface because of the hail. The important thing is that I don't need to cut and chuck anything away. I'm so happy today - I could cry!

Average daytime temperature: 28°C / 82°F


  1. Wow Rowena, what whopper!!! It looks like a tomato and I bet it tastes like one too!!! :-)

  2. It looks like a red pumpkin, but the taste is definitely tomatoes..... and I love the way it protrudes ...

    ~ bangchik

  3. I understand your emotion. I found perfection in the tomato patch earlier.


  4. Anne - it was exquisite! We cut it into chunks and along with some wedges of lettuce and bell pepper strips, ate everything pinzimonio-style.

    B&K - doesn't it? That's what I admire about heirlooms...their funky shapes. Gives them so much personality!

    Maybelline - you know, I think if the garden had turned out to be a total flop this year because of weird weather, you'd probably find me at Grieving Gardeners Anonymous, or something like that.

  5. Hurrah! Looks like a cuore di bue (boue?) - we've been picking for a week and all the toms seem unusually sweet this year. Nothing beats a fresh tom, still warm from the sun. Guess I'll go eat lunch now...

  6. Fern - sunshine is what we lacked this summer. Rain, high clouds and cool temps makes Tom a sad boy. :(


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