Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old World Swallowtail much for the climb in temperature that was predicted. I don't dare gripe for not having any sun or 30°C degrees because I know that it must be unbearable in other areas of Italy. It was actually very cloudy and muggy this morning - ideal conditions for taking photos without the sun shining brightly all over the place. The green caterpillar that I shared last month decided to make its grand appearance this morning - it's always a thrill to see nature up close like this. Now if only the owls would be as easy to spot. We always hear them in the late evening and at night, but never see them.

Old World Swallowtail Old World Swallowtail

Average daytime temperature: 25°C / 77°F


  1. Rowena, I've always loved your photography... so sharp and great composition. I know great photography is all about the person behind the camera but I'm interested to know what camera / lens do you normally use?

  2. what a beautiful photo. I always find it a thrill to see nature up close too.

  3. Aren't they gorgeous? They're all over our lavender, about which more later... I love watching the different varieties of butterfly as summer progresses. Amen to not complaining about the heat... we're grateful for hill air and sea breeze. You do take the most exquisite photos!

  4. Louise - thank you for that sweet compliment! And also for reminding me that I really need to put spec details on the images (on it's hosted flickr page anyway). I use a Canon 350D (XT in the states) with a Canon EF 50mm F1.8 prime.

    Amber - I couldn't agree any further with that statement. One of my dreams is to travel to Patagonia and Madagascar one day to see the different wild things!

    Fern - this is the first year for butterflies to choose our yard as a hatching ground, so you can imagine the thrill. Me thanks you for the compliment -- I've always loved being behind the lens since I can remember.

  5. Beautiful photo. We had a lot of these a couple of weeks ago, but they seem to be over now - so it's your turn! It's so exciting to watch them chasing each other around the garden and they loved our lavender flowers, which are nearly over now, sadly - perhaps that's why the swallowtails have left!

  6. We have to endure their hungry little babies to enjoy the beauty of butterflies.

    OOO - put that on a fortune cookie!

    Lovely photos.

  7. Chaiselongue - you know, the odd thing about my love for photography is that each and every time I'm behind the lens, I feel very grateful for the gift of sight. I could own the best equipment in the world but nothing beats what I'm seeing with my own two eyes at that very moment.

    Maybelline - sounds very Confuscius!


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