Friday, July 23, 2010

Tess's Land Race Currant

Tess's Land Race Currant, originally uploaded by me.

I ordered seeds (Baker Creek) just out of curiosity because I don't put too much importance on cherry tomatoes. They are great in salads and that's about it. You can't use them in sandwiches (too small), stuff them, or chop them into fresh salsas (too much trouble). For me it is easier to just buy them and turn all of my energy towards growing large tomatoes. They are the ones that everyone gushes over anyway. Oh wow! You grew these yourself???

Well I've changed my mind. These currant tomatoes are cute, and naturally the first to flower, take shape and turn red, and makes a tasty tart-sweet snack when you're poking around in the garden. I admit to having felt a small touch of disappointment upon realizing that they would not grow much larger than a currant, but that's what labels are for. I don't know what I was thinking...jumbo currants?

These were sown indoors on February 23rd; repotted twice until I set them outdoors under a polytunnel in mid-May. In our prealpine environment, it took almost 5 months from then until today to be able to start harvesting. I'll likely grow these next year but maybe in a large planter on the terrace.

Today's high: 25°C / 77°F


  1. Nice job Miss Rowena, I agree on all counts, and I too grow a few cherries for snaz and color in a salad but I say bring on the big boys, the slicers. Alas they are a month out for me. My first tom to ripen will be Beaver Lodge, a cool weather tomato from Canada about 2" in diameter.

  2. They are lovely Rowena and remind me of the wild currant tomatoes that grow right along the beach here.
    No slicers for me (fruit flies, remember those?) but i look forward to seeing yours ; )

  3. Tom - I wish it were possible to get seeds sent from Canada because I've seen a few types of tomato that would most likely do very well here. I'll be looking forward to your Beaver Lodge harvest!

    Kat - just for kicks I was thinking of stringing a bunch together and wearing them like an edible necklace. Ha!

    Julie - yes those wretched fruit flies! And for cucumbers too, if I remember correctly.

  4. Yummy, they are great in salads like you said. I find them fairly easy to grow here, very prolific fruiters. :)

  5. Oh currant tomatoes are keepers. Just the perfect thing to snack on while checking on the rest of the garden.

  6. perennialgardener, FaithK - back when I wrote this, the plants just started to branch out. Now they have totally taken over their section of dirt and then some. They have definitely passed the "keeper" test!


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