Monday, May 26, 2014

What's cool, green, lofty and serene?

Mountaintop village
A view of the mountaintop village Colle di Sogno (it translates to Hill of Dreams - cute huh?) - click for large view.

Lots of sunshine, occasional rainfall and mild temperatures has made this spring the best one that we've had in years, but the lack of significant heat hasn't helped much in the vegetable part of the garden. A few things right now:

Trillo currant tomatoes (below at left)
Calceolaria or Lady's Purse that reseeded itself from last year (below)
Mirabelle plums, although the tree's leaves are infected with aphids (below)
Red, yellow, white and blush pink rose bushes are full of blooms
Paul Robeson tomatoes
Blue tomatoes grown from seed that I acquired from an italian internet site
Cherokee Purple tomatoes
Herbs: marjoram, thyme, shiso, oregano, chives, grapefruit mint, nepitella
Naga Morich chilli pepper

The mild weather is perfect for taking walks even in late morning when the sun is up. I walk the dogs at least 2.5 miles, 5 times a week, and we always make a stop to visit some friendly donkeys.

This year we also bought more dirt from a local nursery in order to lighten the clay soil in the garden. Twenty 5-gallon buckets for 8€ (it took 2 trips) and the westie as supervisor.

Project dog house is still an idea on the computer - a good thing they aren't in a rush to move in!

Today's high: 19°C