Friday, October 21, 2016

Late to the party: dahlia Aloha?

dahlia "Aloha"

Okay so here's a weird one. Just when my dahlias seemed to be slowing down a bit, out pops this yellow-pink cactus variety from the same plant, that back in August, gave me this burgundy dinnerplate bloom.

Spartacus dinnerplate dahlia?

The dahlia latecomer is on a stem that grows side-by-side to the burgundy one. The resemblance to Aloha in the image below (right) is close, but the coloring makes me think that I've still got something else other than the Aloha. So wish I could identify this!

L-R: Hawaii, Duet, Aloha

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We got Cherokee Purples!

The first cherokee purples

Up here in northern Italy we're going through a rather long period of sunny days and a dry spell with no end-of-summer storms in sight. The cucumbers are still producing, and there's still a lot of green tomatoes on the vines, but I am gradually clearing out the garden as summer gives way to fall. The weather didn't start out so well in June, but at the way things are looking, we could be wearing t-shirts and shorts up into October. And then it's hello Hawaii in November!

Today's high: 30°C / 86°F