Saturday, November 18, 2017

Paper Polka

Paper Polka
Even with their petals in a dry and brittle state, the Polka roses did add a touch of color to the yard.

Remember ‘Paper Roses’ by Marie Osmond? These instantly reminded me of that song as I snipped them off the bush. Yard cleanup all DONE, but there's still a bit of work in the garden before I can call it quits for the year. The weather has been surprisingly good, only 3 days of rain, some overcast days, and now sunshine for the next 2 weeks. Lucky us.

Today's high: 18°C / 64°F

Monday, October 2, 2017

FruttaWeb for fruits and vegs

Ordering fresh produce online is still a gamble (you just never know what to expect and delivery services like SDA are unpredictable), but I'm convinced that after a recent purchase from this relatively new company, buying our 5-a-day is best done... by ourselves. I hesitated on giving FruttaWeb a try but when I saw that they had pawpaw grown right here in Italy and that deliveries were now done by refrigerated truck, I had to give them a go.

FruttaWeb home delivery
A positive: very secure packaging. Layers of plastic wrap holding 2 boxes together.

FruttaWeb order
Another positive: individually packed produce, with heavier items on the bottom, but the enoki from the UK was not fresh (slimy feel), so that's a negative.

Pawpaw grown in Italy
3rd positive and the best of all: perfect pawpaws grown in Italy! Azienda Montanari in Faenza cultivates fruit (variety not stated) of impressive size and quality. Excellent packaging. We will skip the middle guy and buy directly from them next year.

Now, on to the negatives (and some GoT giggles).

If Daenerys saw these she would say send them back

Mother of Dragons in the flesh

Moriche palm fruit from Peru
Looking a lot like undersized dragon eggs, the 'scales' on these aguaje/moriche palm fruit were already falling off. A huge disappointment.

Aguaje from FruttaWeb
Some had mold or that "off" smell of fruit past its time, and they were a bit dry, even after soaking (to facilitate peeling). 8 aguaje and 10€ down the drain.

FruttaWeb prides itself on customer service and I'm sure they would've reimbursed me, but the fact remains that the product was of poor quality and should never have been sent out. There is a risk when buying imported produce. Also, my negative aguaje review was not added to their site, so I won't be doing business with them again. As for the pawpaws, the Montanari farm is a bit of a drive but they're worth it.

Today's high: 18°C / 64°F