Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvest Monday: 18-day radish

18-day radish

All 10 ounces of it, and 18 days my foot. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why a radish would have a specific number of days listed on the package and not follow through. Is that 18 days to germinate or 18 days until harvest? My seeds sprouted in a matter of 3-5 days, but at 5 weeks (that's 35 days) from sowing, all I had were skinny-as-twigs roots. They were pretty with rosy-pink bases and white tips. Having other things to fuss with in the garden, I just left them alone and an additional 3 weeks later I end up with these. I couldn't find anything on the net that explains what 18 days refers to (I hope it isn't that these are still fresh 18 days after harvest), so the mystery remains unsolved. What I like about this radish is the elongated shape, but to me they taste the same as the round ones that I usually grow.

Seeds for 2013

Seeds for spring 2013

I know I can't be the only one to already have seeds for the following spring. A couple of weeks ago we had some errands to run at a garden center and naturally, I end up in the seed section. All I'm lacking are okra, black radish and kohlrabi which I hope to obtain soon. I did a seed trade with a blogger friend from France and scored some rainbow chard, kale and collard greens, but what I'm especially keen on growing next year is capers. Potted young caper plants should be available by the end of this month at a price of 9€.

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