Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All this gardening digging makes me tired

Bonafide back sleeper

Weeding caught up and in check, soil raked smooth and ready for planting, and dried pellet manure for the fruit trees. I know that dogs have a very keen sense of smell but it surprised me at how fast they took to excavating the putrid addition from underneath the topsoil. They didn't get far - one angry look and they knew that the next time they'd get the broom.

In Italy, do as the italians do

On our way to town last Thursday I took note of a man and his sons putting up hail protection for their entire garden. We both thought they were being premature - until the next day when it hailed for atleast 20 minutes in the afternoon. Nothing dangerous and there was very little damage to the tulip leaves and trees, but now I know not to doubt the gardeners around these parts when they decide to be extra prepared. The first photo was taken not too long ago and I'm happy to see the plum tree with so many flowers/potential fruit. What a difference a few days make in comparing the weather.

Front yard 3.27.12
Terrazza 3.23.12
Looks like somebody dumped bubble tea all over the terrazza.
Driveway 3.23.12
Could almost pass for snow.
Front yard 3.23.12
While it was hailing, the dogs kept looking up to the sky with an expression that said: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Today's high: 18°C / 64°F