Monday, August 19, 2013

Green, green, green...and purple!

And that pretty much sums up the current state of the garden - the green part - with the occasional handful of cherry tomatoes when they're ripe enough to pick. I can't say I'm shocked that a month has already passed since the last post, but summer seems to have flown by much faster with me having less to fiddle with in the garden. Just as well (the less work part), because we took off for Provence at peak season and saw acres and acres of lavender fields wherever we went. Hence, the video included at the end.

Despite their greenness, Ananas Noire and Cherokee Purple are sizing up beautifully. I tried growing Tumbling Tom Red for the first time this year, and the 2 red tomatoes in the photo will be the first to get picked and tasted. I realized too late that this is a determinate plant and got rid of the suckers early on because they were getting very unruly.

Ananas Noire

Cherokee Purple

Tumbling Tom Red