Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blue tomatoes gone rogue and a lightning show

Well so much for growing blue tomatoes this year. The seeds (purchased online from an italian source) germinated quickly into healthy seedlings, but the end result is nothing like what I saw on the website. Apparently the owner had the same problem because last time I looked, she was lamenting the fact that hers didn't turn out blue either. I wonder from where she sourced her seeds (and more importantly, can I trust that they aren't some half-baked Frankentom experiment). The tomatoes have the taste and firm flesh of the greenhouse type, and they took forever to develop in our less than summery temps. Then miraculously, when we got a nice dose of hot weather last week, a few of them suddenly turned red overnight.

Blue tomato harvest
These were harvested this past Monday.

Blue tomatoes 8.07
And this is what they looked like a few days prior on the Thursday before that.

We are getting some crazy hot then cold conditions which have brought on seasonal storm conditions. Just this past Saturday night we were treated to a lightning show right from our terrace. Never seen anything like it, and it was kinda cool hearing the owls in the forest and also some noise from the village festival down at the church. I was actually standing out there for 10 minutes even if the clip is only a few seconds.