Thursday, September 13, 2018

Getting the most out of fall season

Harvests have been looking like this for the past 2 weeks, with an emphasis on Black Magic grapes and Golden Nugget cherry tomatoes. Summer flew by so quickly with lots of sunshine and hot weather - not blistering like last year but still very warm - and now it's just a waiting game for all the bounty that autumn brings.

Golden Nugget and Black Magic

What to do with more Black Magic grapes than you can eat? I've made grape juice for homemade jelly and syrup for grape ice cream - delicious! Two pounds of fruit yields about 2 cups of juice. A little sticky and messy, but it feels so good to be using my own organic produce!

Uva fragola/americana (Concord grape) - sweet musky flavor

Nashi pears and Thessaloniki tomatoes among the daily pickings

Man of the House redid the garden steps during his stay-cation. Plans in the works for the top part of the garden.

Received my bulb order yesterday for fall planting: Imperator iris and serpent garlic (allium sativum ophioscorodon). Hope to be able to report on these in the spring!


  1. always nice to see what your garden brings:)

  2. It certainly is my happy place when I see the butterflies and honey bees!🦋 🦋 🦋


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