Friday, June 11, 2021

Amazing Grey

All of the poppies growing in my flower bed (Oriental and Iceland) were started as nursery plants or rootstock, so growing Amazing Grey from seed was a nice little experiment to learn from. Honestly, if I had known how easy it is to grow this species of poppy (papaver rhoeas), I might've included them on my grow list each year.

Amazing Grey is simply gorgeous. The subtle shades of lavender, grey-lavender, grey-white, blue-grey of the petals are unique. Blooms range in size from 1 - 2 inches / 2.5 - 5 cm in diameter. I've seen photos of Amazing Greys that were maybe twice the size of mine so I can't be sure if it was an improved cultivar.

In late winter I scattered seeds in an 18-inch pot; seedlings quickly emerged but it took until mid-spring for them to really develop. Daily temperatures were beginning to warm up but it still got cool at night (around the 50's fahrenheit). Not willing to risk a sudden cold snap, I covered the pot at the end of the day with an overturned leaf bag.

Naturally I'm saving the seed pods for next year's sowing. The only change would be to sow in early spring to give seedlings a better chance at developing.


  1. so pretty! glad that they were easy to grow:)

    1. Yeah, easy peasy, so I look forward to growing much more next year.


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