Friday, March 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday No. 36

The Big Blue Yonder

Blogger doesn't give any bigger option on images so you'll either have to squint at the two "birds" in the sky or click to open a 1000 x 667 resolution (it's less than a 100kb). It's rare to see two of these gliders in tandem flight maneuvers. For a moment there it looked as if they were engaged in a courtship dance.

Average daytime temperature: 7°C / 45°F


  1. They remind me of fighters in the war!

  2. Oh dear... I should be very thankful that I wasn't even born yet during that period, but I find it a little fascinating that it's a memory that you can recall!

  3. Thank you for your visit! When I first looked at the photo I said to myself: Big birds! =) Thank you for sharing such a great photo! Happy weekend!

  4. WOW. I really thought they were birds until I opened the photo up. Thanks for sharing.


  5. This is a nice shot..I know what you mean about pictures. I like the trees to the sides..very pretty as well as the time-
    Thanks for stopping by..So you lived in Hilo. How long ago? I bet it hasn't changed much- ha ha!

  6. KP - '93-'97 to be exact. I was there for a day visit back in 11/08 and you know what? It wasn't raining! Haha!

  7. Nice shot. I like the branhes on the side, they add 3D to it. Happy SWF!

  8. To start by the beginning I like your blog title, Rowena.
    What an opportunity to get two gliders on the same picture. They're so "elegante" in the sky.
    I'm very glad to have a new vision of the sky from Italy.
    I wonder how can I haven't met you before if you're posting your 36th Sky Watch !
    I'll visit you again soon.
    Buon fine settimana.

  9. Catherine - this is only my second Skywatch entry but I noticed that it was listed as #36 at the Skywatch blog. I have to admit that most of the time, my lens is pointed at food or my dogs! :-)

  10. Great SWF photo. The two gliders add character to your sky. Thanks for sharing.


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