Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zen Feet

Rowenta's Zen Feet
It's only a matter of weeks before we really begin to put our bodies through the labor of planting and maintaining a garden, and while I never intended to use this blog as a vehicle for product reviews, I don't think it would hurt either, being that what I've got here is indirectly related to what goes on in the vegetable plot. I remember the first few days of last year's toiling - sore back *oooh* and leg muscles *owww* from hunching over and walking the narrow, steep steps of our property which is severely sloped. But the worst ache of all was the discomfort suffered by my poor feet! It's true that they are the most used part of our skeletal system, yet often are the last to receive loving care.

Luckily for my husband and myself, we willingly trade foot rubs, but even then, there are days when we're just plain tired or don't feel like cracking toes. Imagine our delight when we discovered Rowenta's Zen Feet, a home foot massager where you can reap the healthful benefits of reflexology!

We got our Zen Feet gratis through the shopping points system at our supermarket. The squarish plastic unit consists of four functioning areas: two upper rotating discs, each with four evenly spaced nodules, and two lower discs surfaced with small bumps. The rotating discs spin outward in low and high speeds while the lower stationary ones vibrate on low and high. I honestly think the high speed should be considered a medium and another level added to up the intensity. I mean seriously, we're talking used and abused footsies here and a deeper massage could only make them happier.

Now the Rowenta website describes the unit as silent - what? as in silent as a mouse? - but I disagree. There is some noise (vibration will do that), but not enough to be a nuisance. Working the rotating discs, I like the ability to move my foot this way and that to massage specific areas, like the sides of my feet, the soles, my toes and heels. At either speed the lower vibrating sections don't seem to make much difference, to the point of being useless.

So was it worth the shopping points? (4200, approximately how much we collect in a year) - Speaking for my husband and myself I'd have to say yes. It wasn't so much the physical aspect of the massage that felt great but also the relaxed mental state of being from knowing that our hang tens were getting some lovin' - period. All I need now is a pedicure.

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  1. What a great find! The only foot massagers I have seen are those wooden balls on dowels that you roll your feet across. They're okay...but I when I need a good foot massage I like to jump into my hot tub and stick my feet up to the air jets. Ahhhh...bliss! I know I am spoiled but I have to say that it is very therapeutic.
    Glad to have found your gardening blog.

  2. We obviously go to the same supermarket! I was looking at it in the points catalogue the other day and thinking ...oooh yes! I'll have to check my till receipt when we do our week's shopping this morning and see how many points we've got.


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