Friday, October 16, 2009

It's getting colder...for this island gal

14°C, 12°, 10°, 8°, 6°. Each morning has been down by 2 degrees for the past week and it's been a real chore of opening my eyelids and keeping them open. Getting out of bed is another thing altogether, and I suspect that it'll only get worse as the early predawn light becomes even less. Ugh. I find myself feeling tired all the time and know it has a lot to do with the weather change. Less light, less heat, less spunk so to speak. Too bad that it doesn't get me off the hook for walking the dogs. It can be 0° out and they don't care (the westie at least), they demand their walks! I tried to shoot some photos today but with two dogs on leashes...all I got was a picture of a very healthy patch of wild mint - not sure if it's the one called nepetella - growing on the side of the road. We passed a small fire that someone had built to burn leaves, but after I heard the familiar pop! pop! pop!, I knew then it was both leaves, twigs and chestnuts. Fortunately we were out of range...I've never heard of anyone being injured from a flying chestnut, but there's always a first for everything!

Wild mint

Today's average: 13°C / 55°F


  1. The mint looks lovely, so are chestnuts but not when they hit you, I suppose! It's been getting much colder here at night, too, but not down to zero yet.

  2. I hear ya on the effects of shorter days. We are retired, so we sleep in until we wake up and I find myself getting up later and later. Probably because the birds that shelter on our deck are chirping later and later. And yes, dogs have a way of making sure that you do your daily walk with them. I'm feeling guilty because ours haven't gotten theirs lately. I smashed my knee the other day when I tripped in the woods and I'm nursing a swollen knee. So until I feel better they are going to have to wait.

  3. Wasn't it a shock? Dropped 10°C here almost overnight - and I still hadn't got round to getting our winter clothes out ... The plants didn't look too happy about it either.

  4. You'd end up in Weird News if you were injured by a burning chestnut! I guess it could happen, though. I thought at first when you heard pop, pop it was going to be hunters - better chestnuts!

  5. Isn't it crazy how the weather got cold so fast this year? I'm still in denial and want to wear my sandals when I go out.

  6. Kenny - my father-in-law calls it a paradise, compared to the all-building area of Milan's suburbs where he lives. We are very grateful...the dogs agree too ^-^

    Chaiselongue - I am so not ready for zero degrees yet. Not yet! ^-^

    Gail - I have to thank the dogs (ha!) for enabling me to adjust to the change in daylight hours. Come rain, sleet, snow or light, in this case, if I don't wake up in the morning they will run back and forth between bedroom and kitchen until I do!

    Sue - I just pulled out the down comforter the other night, but we found out that it's just a wee too early for feathers. A couple of wool blankets is fine for now. About the plants, we did bring in the potted kumquat and lemon...the rest are on their own.

    Fern - ha! I can see it now..."Island girl in Italy is TK'd by flying chestnut."

    Louise - that makes two of us, and I still am wearing slippers/flip flops in the house, but with thick socks too!


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