Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corbezzolo / Strawberry Tree

CorbezzoloI haven't forgotten about this gardening blog, but considering the current state of the vegetable patch itself, there is not much going on to share on these pages. I knew that I wouldn't have much of an interest for a winter garden during the holiday season, which in a way gives me something to really look forward to come next spring's planting season! Only two more months and I get to start tomato seedlings!!

Nevertheless, I'll continue to share what I come across by way of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants that might be of some interest. This strawberry tree immediately caught my eye at an italian farmstay (agriturismo) that we lodged at in the region of Friuli. Known as corbezzolo, the proprietor said that it is easy to maintain, and keeps it in a shrub style as shown below. We got to taste some of the fruit baked within a breakfast torte and it really has no particular flavor. Wikipedia notes that in the symbol of Madrid, it is a strawberry tree that the bear is leaning up against.

Strawberry tree

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