Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear you just lost a lover

Will the real Salvia Hotlips please stand up?
Lasciate perdere! Bakker mia insoddisfazione. Bakker che delusione! Leggi le opinioni su

As the saying goes... “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Say it ain't so. I usually don't go around blabbing about my gardening love affairs, but this recent fling with was, sadly, a very short-lived romance. Well I'm over it now. Consider this an updated opinion of my experience with the catalog/mail order company. Three strikes and you're out!

In the early fall of 2009, I ordered a variety of bulbs which included the more costly Himalayan blue poppies and allium forelocks. We planted them all but neither himalayan or allium came up this spring. Of the rest that did develop (blue alliums and assorted freebies), overall flower quality was very weak.

In April of this year, an order for Salvia Hotlips microphylla rootstock arrived in a nicely packaged container but after flowering, it turns out not to be Hotlips but Hardy Plumbago! (above photo) Do the math. 2 bulbs plus 1 rootstock equals customer dissatisfaction. See ya' later, it was sweet while it lasted.

For some good news...the tomato plants grew a LOT in the past 2 weeks.


Tomato patch in June

15 days ago

Tomato box

Today's high: 24°C / 75°F


  1. wow! your tomato plants look beautiful.

  2. I'm telling you that pellet-type manure is smell-ay but it's the shit! (oops) We actually thought it might actually counter our intentions (grow too much but not produce flowers), so thank goodness it didn't. We just need more hot sun...

  3. I hear that you should rotate where you plant stuff, like if you plant tomatoes one place you shouldn't the next year, something about bacteria from the plant staying in the soil so stuff doesn't grow. Anyway, looking forward to seeing some colorful tomatoes from your garden :)

  4. My wish for next year is that we sell this place and move!

  5. that would be cool too :) where would you like to move to??

  6. Erm ... isn't it a bit hot there for Himalayan poppies. They're horribly delicate - wouldn't dare try here ...

  7. Sue - I'm able to grow stella alpina here (they actually came back from last year and more than double in the amount of flowers). The himalayan poppies didn't even come up, so I am certain that they were simply bad/old bulbs. I agree that they wouldn't stand a chance in Milan - I keep wanting to go into the city but the thought of all that heat....

  8. I feel your pain. A whole drift of Siberian iris I planted ended up being this really really bad bright yellow, not what I had purchased at all.

    As for your toms, lookin' good, mine are where yours were 15 days um cool summer.


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