Friday, September 10, 2010

There must've been a partridge in my pear tree

Nashi pear-ling

...and it took a couple of bites out of the fruit.

Nashi pear halves

It's been 3 years since we planted the nashi pear tree but this is the first year where fruit, just 2 of them, has successfully managed to hang on and ripen. The tree stands at 3 feet tall - a little too small and still a lot too immature as I can't imagine how the branches could even support a normal-sized fruit. The texture was like a cross between crisp apple with pronounced graininess, but the was amazingly sweet and was so intense that it tasted like apples, pears and roses all into one. Even at such a petite size, the pears were incredibly juicy.

Mornings have been a cool 14-16°C and warms up to a mild 23°C by late afternoon. I'm still picking about 5 pounds of tomatoes and a pound of beans each week. So far, 35.5 kilos/78+ pounds of tomatoes harvested. The green tomatillo plants have finally slowed down and I'll be freezing them for future use.

September harvest

Average daytime temperature: 23°C / 73°F


  1. Oh oh, I'm trying to imagine that intense wonderful flavour! I need to stop reading this gardening blog midday, I think. It's making me drool all over my desk!

  2. That is a great harvest!
    So many tomatoes.
    Your pears look great too, glad to hear they are so sweet and juicy.

  3. your nashi sounds so good! and WOW what a harvest :) guess you have to do the poop slurry again!

  4. Hi Rowena,

    Great blog you've got here. I have a publishing idea I'd like to run past you – do you have an email address to which I can send a proposal?


  5. Jude - please no drooling over your stuff! The tomatoes are almost pau. Hmmm...what's next? Manhattan chowder?

    ~fer - thank you! It took lots of trial and error but finally, this year, we did really well with the tomatoes.

    Kat - already starting on it...! :(

    Julia - sure, run it by me! rowena(at)hawaiistories(dot)com

  6. Fruit trees teach me to be patient (still working on that!) Your pears sound like they were worth waiting for.
    How do you freeze your tomatillos Rowena? Do you use them raw or cooked after they have been frozen?

  7. Julie - I freeze them raw (after removing the husks and washing off as much residue as possible). Then when I need them, I chuck them into a pot with broth/water and the rest of the ingredients to make the sauce.

  8. The tomatoes look wonderful and unusual varieties too. It's still hot here in the day - 30 C today - but it's a bad year for tomatoes. Everyone agrees, and ours are nearly finished whereas usually they go on until November. Never mind, it's been a good year for peppers!

  9. chaiselongue - 30°??? Oh lucky you! We've been down to 18° during the day...doesn't get much higher than 22° at most, but the tomatoes are still hanging on. It's very interesting to hear how gardeners everywhere faired this year on their tomato garden. For some it was great...others a total bust!


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