Monday, March 28, 2011

No success on yellow oyster mushroom experiment

Four months ago I had hoped for some great results on mushroom growing but it simply didn't meet with much...of anything. There was never a problem with the spores developing up until this stage, but in the days immediately after, the clump of funghi all dried up and withered away. So much for the 'shrooms.

In other garden news, we have initiated spring preparations for another year of organic produce and already I was tempted to add yet another tree to the yard. The magnolia is common enough in the lake area, but I never knew of the star magnolia until spotting one at the local nursery. At this size (I'd say about 8 feet tall), it looks like the perfect addition for the terrace, and the smaller white one beside it for an apartment balcony. In reality, this tree will grow up to 20 feet in height, way beyond the townhouse regulations set forth for our building.

Star magnolia

White star magnolia>

One hundred euros!!!
100 euros buys 3 pizza dinners at our favorite pizzeria.


  1. too bad about the mushrooms, I wonder if it needed to be in a damp dark place? love the looks of those trees though :)

  2. Welcome back Rowena! Were you hibernating ; )

    That tree just screams 'spring!' doesn't it?

  3. Kat - gosh I had that mushroom all over the the dark, in a sheltered corner, in a humid place, in a dry place....and he nevah like grow! Grrrrr...

    Julie - you folks are LUCKY to be able to grow stuff year-round. Me, I am forced to hibernate!

  4. I love magnolias, and mine are poised to bloom--an intense maroon one called Vulcan and a softer pale mauve beauty Susan. And, it's nice to know pizza isn't any cheaper in Italy than on Vashon Island. ;-)

  5. Tom - it depends on where you go to get your pizza. There's this absolutely great place named Abbazia di Sherwood (ha!) where they carry a large selection of international beers. A pizza dinner goes ch-ching as we rack up the pints!


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