Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is it a vole hole?

Vole hole?

Alice must've put out the welcome mat in our garden.

The only vertebrate problem we've ever had are our 2 small dogs (the dachshund especially liked my tulip bed!), but a mean face and a good yelling at usually cured them of excavating and rolling in horse manure fertilizer. This year the problem looks like deep tunnels, approximately 2 inches in diameter, but I have yet to see what is making itself at home under my radish bed. I stuck a weeding tool to block one of the entry/exits but within a few hours another hole had been dug less than a foot away (and of course I was not there to see the culprit).

Weeding out the weasels

Garden update:
The welcome (or unwelcome) surprise this spring has been unusually warm temperatures. It jumped from 17°C to mid-20's in a day, and last week the highs were in the upper 20°C's at our altitude (700 m.s.l.). The lettuce took a beating, and so did the pea plants even if I have them in partial shade. All of the tomatoes, on the other hand, are in their environment with the heat and most of them are planted out. Corn, bittermelon, sweet melons, pole beans and sicilian serpent squash are going into the ground at the end of the month. If it continues to be hot like this I suppose harvest season will come sooner than we normally experience it.


  1. yikes! rodents? snakes? hope you can catch it.

  2. Looks to big to be a vole hole to me. When I lived outside Milan we had them in the field behind us, and the dogs had hunting them off to a fine art. Millie (the terrier) would dig like crazy down the entrance hole, while Tess (the German Shepherd) guarded the back door. Then when the vole shot out the back door they'd both hare round the field after it. Never caught a thing of course - the voles were far too fast for them. but oh how they enjoyed themselves...

  3. Kat (cheering) - yayyyy! The net finally works! About catching it...and what if it's like Rémy in Ratatouille? Now that's another idea for another cgi movie. :P

    Sue - right you are on that. Nursery lady said that it's a rat or mouse (and a big one at that). Maybe I should just get a cat.


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