Friday, June 3, 2011

I will probably regret having put in 8 zukes

Zucchini patch

But they came in cell-packs of four and I couldn't decide between the usual dark green or white-striped variety. So I got both. I know all the horror stories about zukes...too many of them, so many of them, zukes gone wild, zukes in every possible recipe imaginable, monster zukes! This year I will also add zucchini to the dogs' meals. The doxie loves his vegs.


I don't regret putting in only one rhubarb as this plant is behaving as if it's on steroids. Two weeks ago the peppermint appeared to be ready to take over but look at it now...sitting in the shade of rhubarb's big leaves. I am looking forward to when the stalks turn a nice red color.

Rhubarb stalks

Last year the only fruit to come off the nashi were two palm-sized pears. Great flavor and sweet scent, but oh so small! The amount of fruit right now is much more although I can't imagine the tree being able to support all of them at that diminutive height.

Nashi pear fruits

Nashi pear | 2011


  1. Everything looks so green and happy in your garden Rowena. It's been dry here...

    I read about dehydrated zucchini chips somewhere last year, can't remember where. They were such a hit the poster was sorry she hadn't planted even more!

  2. I have nothing on my too finicky :( will ooh and ahh over the stuff in your garden!

  3. Julie - we've been going through a stretch of rain here, but I think the plants would appreciate some sun right now. About dehydrating zukes....oh don't even get me started on that. I'm undecided as to whether I should get a dehydrator or a sprouter. Or a snowplower!

    Kat - weather is everything isn't it? So far we've had steady rain for about a week and looking at more to come, so we shall see how the garden does. Atleast it isn't pouring like some parts in Italy - no lakes yet in the garden!

  4. Mmmm. Pears. Those zucchini make nice relish. Hope you have lots of neighbors that like zucchini.

  5. Hi,I only put in two zucchini plants and had heaps.... good luck.
    Zucchini,Carrot & Cranberry Muffins,fritters,salad,cake,pickles........baked,sliced,steamed!!!

  6. Dude! I just now totally realized you had a gardening blog too! How fun! Wowzas girlfriend. 8 squash plants! LOL! I hope the field mice don't destroy all the plants!

  7. Holly - I had to keep my green thumb separate from my greedy stomach in order to keep notes on what works/doesn't work when I try new stuff in the garden. Make that 6 squash plants now...stupid rat has been getting fat on my hard work!


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