Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green and purple mini kiwis next year?

Via Flickr:
Pergola problem solved. At first we weren't going to go with fruiting or flowering vines because of the insect invasion being so close to the house (the pergola is built right next to the south-facing window of the living room), but in the end our appetite for homegrown fruit won out.

These 2 young kiwi vines were purchased from Ingegnoli in Milan. One bears green, smooth-skinned kiwi - Issai - and the other bears purple-skinned fruit. Both are mini kiwis so they are edible straight off the vine.

Hardy kiwi plants


  1. the kiwis I've seen in japan are trellised over to see the kiwis hanging down :)

  2. Kat - I was leaning towards grapes but after thinking about the mess that they make at my inlaws...better kiwis. These minis are so cute!


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