Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank Garden It's Friday: redless rhubarb

Rabarbaro | rhubarb

Five stalks...and only 2 ended up being usable. I've been keeping an eye on the lone rhubarb since the month of June, but it's clear that mine do not have any inclination whatsoever of losing their green color. Wait all you want ma'am...we are going to stay green until you are blue in the face. Of the 3 that were tossed, the stalks were fibrous with some tiny brown holes that were very obvious in the cross-section (bugs? worms?). If I'm lucky there might be enough left from the remaining stalks to make a rhubarb dessert. I'm tempted to just dig the whole thing out.


  1. too bad about the rhubarb, but I'm loving your new look :)

  2. I hope your rhubarb comes around soon!!

  3. Now give the rhubarb a chance,how long ago did you plant the crown? the first year its advised you don't crop the stalks but wait until 2nd year.Open sunny position as strong light helps increase stem color, side dressing of well rotted manure helps too! Good Luck.

  4. Not all my rhubarb is red. There are some very delicious green ones that historically they used to make wine and champagne. They look small to me. In a couple of years, the stalks will be so big, that nothing will bother them...well except for goats.

  5. Kat - call it trying to beef up the garden mojo. After what I've been through in the past few day with the tomatoes...more later.

    Holly - we shall see next year. Patience!

    Andrea - oops. The crown went in this year. I won't touch the rhubarb anymore, I promise.

    Foothill Farm - at this point I'm leaving them alone and look forward to next year. I am my worst garden pest at times.

  6. And another note about rhubarb: in my garden, it starts red and gets greener as the season goes on. It doesn't "redden up." Of my three plants, one of them has finally gotten to a stage where I can start harvesting it. It is three years old. I'm waiting until next year on the other two.

    I'm sorry to read about your blight! So frustrating!

  7. Christina - thanks for the input on your rhubarb. I will just leave them alone and see what happens next year, that is, if they make it through our winter!


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