Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What are you doing with your tomatoes?

San Marzano 2011

Over 12 lbs. of San Marzano's, 27 lbs. of Cherokee Purples, and nearly 20 lbs. of cherry tomatoes (so far). Despite that episode of blight in mid-August, this year's tomato harvest had us eating them just about every single day this month and I ain't complaining. It wasn't/still isn't that big of a deal to find creative ways to prepare them, but it does help that we love pomodori that much! If anything, the humble tomato aced the category of Best Supporting Ingredient. Some photos of how I put all of those love apples to good use.

MCPELT BLEEPT Processing tomatoes

In sandwiches: MCPELT (mortadella, coppa, pepper, eggplant, lettuce, tomato), BLEEPT (bacon, lettuce, eggplant, egg, pepper (bell), tomato). Oven and sun-drying and saucing.

Pizza e cozze Pasta alla Norma Sformato di ricotta & pomodoro

Pizza sauce (plus 4 types of cheese!) and with french moules de bouchot. In so many dishes of pasta and in a sformato di ricotta.


  1. *drool* Everything looks delicious!

  2. those tomatoes are gorgeous! and I love how you are using them :)

  3. Holly - I had a lot of fun dealing with them from seed to table. Can't wait to grow them again next year.

    Kat - thanks! All that horse manure made a huge difference this year. I'm just glad that the mice didn't bother with them at all.

  4. We have yet to harvest any tomatoes. The weather in Seattle has been do dreadful up until about 2 weeks ago. For the next 10 days or so we're forecast for days in the low to mid 80's. I fear they will all ripen at the same time.

  5. carlae - hang in there! And when they do ripen, be prepared for tomato splotches, bits and pieces getting all over your kitchen. Let's's lunch - tomatoes!


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