Monday, November 14, 2011

The first persimmons!

Persimmon in October

I must've put all of my super mojo towards this persimmon when I snapped this shot 2 weeks ago because today it was time to snip it free. Ours is the astringent type, where the fruit needs to be fully ripened and completely soft in order to eat them, but the trick is to get them before they fall to the ground. Since our persimmon tree is still very young at 4 years old, it's not yet grown much in height and I can easily reach through the branches to give ripening fruit a squeeze test. There's a couple dozen, all turning from a pale green to orange color, and my guess is that they'll all be ready for consumption around the same time.

Persimmons in November

2 weeks later...the bright orange orb on the left is the one that was previously photographed. Only the side facing the camera was jelly soft so I'll set it aside to ripen further. The persimmon (caco or kako in italian) on the right is entirely soft and one that I somehow had overlooked earlier. It's strange how the color dulled to a dusty sheen but to smell it....the perfume aroma is intense and sweet!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Italy to Hawaii and back

To think that one month ago to the day, our flight touched ground on Kauai and at this hour we were enroute to my family's home on the westside. These tropical fruits and vegetables are just some of the wonderful produce we enjoyed while visiting back home. I wasn't able to visit every single farmers market on the island, but of the 2 visited, there was more than enough to keep us well-fed and happy.

Hanapepe farmers market

Poipu farmers market