Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Italy to Hawaii and back

To think that one month ago to the day, our flight touched ground on Kauai and at this hour we were enroute to my family's home on the westside. These tropical fruits and vegetables are just some of the wonderful produce we enjoyed while visiting back home. I wasn't able to visit every single farmers market on the island, but of the 2 visited, there was more than enough to keep us well-fed and happy.

Hanapepe farmers market

Poipu farmers market


  1. It's always fun to check out the market! I just visited a new-to-me market last weekend and am looking for excuses to go back.

    What is at the end of that long line Rowena?

  2. No doubt you had a great break and ate well by the look at those tasty fruit 7 veg. What was so popular at the Poipu market or is that the entrance?

  3. Julie, Andrea - the Poipu market is so funny because the market area is cordoned off so as to keep out earlybirds. Once the person charge gives the a-ok, everyone surges in!

  4. Kat - we came in from the baseball field area just as they let all the "tourists" in. I love how visitors get all into the mood of Hawaii with pareaus, flowers in their hair, aloha attire and whatnot. Cute and funny at the same time!

  5. Rowena,I fear with a life spent between Hawaii and Italy, heaven may be a disappointment. Happy New Year to you and yours. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. Tom


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