Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Saturday market in Beaune, France

Well it took a recent holiday to France to put some cheer back into our routine, but the magic pill to chase away gardening blues was a morning spent at a french market. I am cured! We had a wet and windy spring season in northern Italy where intermittent rains and cooler than normal temperatures delayed any ideas of getting off to an early start. The young tomato plants started in February began to show signs of blight, there was no end to the rain, and there was nothing left to do than to grow sprouts, a few peas, and wait.

So I waited, we all waited, and then I said what the heck, why not just go away on a trip. It was just what I needed to brighten my mood. The Saturday market in Beaune is said to be one of the very best there is and I agree. Look at all this fresh produce! We didn't buy any since there would be no way to keep them cool until we returned home, but market vendors had two of my favorite french things: soaps from Provence and canelé pastries.


Asperge sauvage. Much different from the wild asparagus gathered in Italy.

Artichauts et tomates.

A beautiful late spring day at Beaune's Saturday market.

Radis (listen to that one on google translate).

Pommes de terre. 12.90€/kilo? Did I read that right?

Canelés. Never imagined that I would come across these!


  1. Wondered why we hadn't heard from you...........
    Oh to go on a trip to France to chase away those gardening blues........
    Wow fantastic market!, if i close my eyes i can imagine the sounds,smells and warmth in the air.......i love they way the produce is displayed, assorted baskets,boxes and wooden trays all on that beautiful cloth!!
    Those pear shaped tomatoes look delish!!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely trip, a bright spot in my day! its the middle of winter here and pouring rain...................Ciao.

    1. What I need to do is to learn to just relax at the start of spring season. Mother Nature will send along good growing weather as soon as she is ready to! Still, to not be able to get an early headstart on gardening when everyone else seems to be way ahead of me.... Perhaps a springtime visit to France will become an annual event?!

  2. nice! and I love the new look of your blog :)

    1. Ha! Changing the background was the least I could do while the junk weather kept me on hold. But now I think I'll change it for each season. Ooooh...zucchini flowers for summer, pumpkins for autumn and winter nothing because the blog hibernates.


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