Tuesday, April 4, 2017


So little time, so much to do... With occasional rain showers and early summer-like temps (77°F yesterday!) we've had lately, there has been more than enough to keep ourselves busy. Mowing the lawn, transplanting herbs and flowers, potting up seeds, and the neverending weeding - it's crazy! By ourselves I'm referring to my husband and myself, but a lot of the time the dachshund shows great interest in whatever I'm doing in the yard. He cracks me up.

The "yellows" (daffodil and forsythia) are on their way out which is why I've titled this post White. The wild cherry trees at the front of the property and all over the chestnut forest are in full bloom, but we've got some of that white in the yard too. One of which has four legs and likes to hang out next to the tulips.

Lots of wild cherries this year, but they're sour.

If there be no hail or late frost...
Mirabelle plum blossoms

I just love their scent
Double narcissus

Still fairly clean 1 day after her bath

Today's high: 21°C / 70°F

Delivery today or tomorrow: dahlia and iris bulbs for summer


  1. pretty...too bad those cherries are sour,though sour cherry preserves might be nice :)

    1. if the trees weren't so tall I would've given preserves a try; the ones I found on the ground in previous years all had bugs or bites.

  2. Spring looks beautiful in your neck of the woods!

    1. If the weather stays true to the season, it gets gorgeous up here. So different from Hawaii's beauty.


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