Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sunday outing at a lotus and water lily fair

Vivaio Hydrophyllum no. 9

Apparently all things to do with gardening are never quite over and done with (the last transplant went into the ground weeks ago) as long as there are events out there to catch your fancy. I had this one in Cittadella (in the province of Veneto and 2 and 1/2 hours away by car) highlighted because my first thought was "Water plants? Why not!"

Vivaio Hydrophyllum no. 3

Of course that was my garden-obsessed self speaking, because no matter what crazy ideas ran through my head, the MotH was not going to have a pond, however small, installed in an area known to attract frogs, toads, water snakes (harmless), and God-knows-what-else the dogs might kill and drag into the house.

Vivaio Hydrophyllum no. 6

Our neighbor had a fish pond within earshot of our bedroom; the toad that inhabited it would croak all night long. I'm sure my husband was ready to remind me of that if I had tried to argue the aesthetics of ninfea floating in a limpid man-made pool. To his credit, he was more than happy to mind the dogs while I occupied myself with taking photos. And we did come away with a few plants for cooking and eating.

Thymus longicaulis
Mediterranean Creeping Thyme

Purple-leaf korean shiso
Large-leaf shiso

Hemerocallis 'Frans-Hals'
‘Frans Hal’ daylily

Today's high: 31°C / 88°F


  1. so pretty but tons of mosquitos for sure! that shiso is perfect for turning foods pink:)

    1. And that's the weird thing about this place--there were hardly any mosquitos! I went prepared with mosquito spray but didn't have to use it. In the ponds there were small gold fish and frogs so I guess they help curb the mosquito problem.


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