Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer 2017 garden notes

As we go through what seems to be the umpteenth round of record-breaking high temps, my focus is on prepping the garden beds for next spring. The soil needs to be turned and manure worked in. Crop rotation definitely has to be done, especially for the areas where the tomatoes grew. The harvest this year was okay despite the heat, and what few Cherokee Purples I got were beautiful and delicious as always. And like last summer, we were inundated with cucumbers!

Burrata, cucumber and Cherokee Purple
Burrata, cukes and Cherokee Purple

As for the fruit harvest...a handful of grapes, some mirabelle plums and the 'nashi twins' that should be ready in a couple of weeks. Once again, the persimmon put out lots of flowers yet all but one of the developing green orbs remained on the tree. No visible problems with pest or disease, but for some reason the tree won't or can't keep from dropping young fruit.

Nashi twins 8.28.2017
Nashi twins

I grew several (not from seed) types of hot peppers this year but the aji amarillo was my pet project. Ever since I saw them as an ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, I wanted to grow and harvest some to use in cooking and for saving seed. The peppers are thick-walled, 4-5 inches long, and around 5/8-inch in diameter. An update is in the works when I get around to working with them.

Aji amarillo
Aji Amarillo

Today's high: 31°C / 88°F (yesterday almost 34°C!)

Friday, August 4, 2017

The garden in August

Hot, hot, hot. So very glad we don't live in the lower plains or in southern Italy where the heat has been just awful. I think the heat has affected production in my garden somewhat - I should've been rolling in the large tomatoes by now - but instead I'm harvesting enough cherry tomatoes, cukes and zukes to keep the fridge filled with a continuous supply and nothing going to waste.

Nashi pears in August
Nashis looking good!

Cherry tomatoes 2017
If all (especially the big varieties) else fails, cherry tomatoes will always put out a decent crop.

Sublima grapes 2017
Sublima grape vine - only a handful this year but they are tasty and very sweet.

Not quiite Cafe Au Lait

I give up. Either the people responsible for packing dahlia tubers are going to work stoned, or dahlias like to masquerade as another variety once they get buried in the ground. I'm not complaining too much, but this does not look like the coffee cream hue of Cafe Au Lait!

Today's high: 35°C / 95°F