Friday, August 4, 2017

The garden in August

Hot, hot, hot. So very glad we don't live in the lower plains or in southern Italy where the heat has been just awful. I think the heat has affected production in my garden somewhat - I should've been rolling in the large tomatoes by now - but instead I'm harvesting enough cherry tomatoes, cukes and zukes to keep the fridge filled with a continuous supply and nothing going to waste.

Nashi pears in August
Nashis looking good!

Cherry tomatoes 2017
If all (especially the big varieties) else fails, cherry tomatoes will always put out a decent crop.

Sublima grapes 2017
Sublima grape vine - only a handful this year but they are tasty and very sweet.

Not quiite Cafe Au Lait

I give up. Either the people responsible for packing dahlia tubers are going to work stoned, or dahlias like to masquerade as another variety once they get buried in the ground. I'm not complaining too much, but this does not look like the coffee cream hue of Cafe Au Lait!

Today's high: 35°C / 95°F


  1. at least the dahlias bloomed, mine went kaput after producing leaves:(

    1. oh if they hadn't bloomed (well I'm still waiting on the 3rd and last one) the place where I bought the tubers from would've gotten a pretty angry email from me. Gonna look for another supplier.


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