Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I can just imagine how Noah must have felt...

And the hail too. Looks like it'll be another day spent indoors with the dogs.

Average daytime temperature: 18°C / 64°F


  1. LOL
    I'm spending my days indoors because its just too hot and dry. I whish we had a few rainy days to cool things down

  2. I hear ya! We actually got a few days of nice sunshine and warmth -- better stop saying it i don't want to jinx it. The weather is just weird on the east coast this year. Can't believe it's happening in Italy too.

  3. We're under extreme fire watch here in Nevada today. The dry heat and the wind make it likely that if a forest or brush fire were to start today it would be almost impossible to control. And almost all of June brought afternoon thunderstorms. The weather is just weird in the western states too. Wishing some sunshine your way Rowena!

  4. I remember one trip home (Hawaii) it rained for 40 days straight...hope they weather gets better for you soon!

  5. Yeah, the farmers around here have lost a lot of hay crops to some unseasonal rain. We had a river of water in our driveway too. Crazy weather.

  6. Hallelujah! The weather gods must have sensed my chagrin!

    Kat - I remember my dad told me about that rainy period...a lot of damage statewide, I believe.


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