Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok spring, you had better be here for good

Lemon plant

Even if it meant waiting 3 long weeks (and witness another light snowfall in between), getting to spend the whole day outdoors more than made up for it. And I only wore slippers on my feet - no more winter socks! Today's sun and slighter higher than predicted temps came as a complete surprise so I got caught up on all of the garden tasks that needed to be done: repot the sage into a bigger container, ditto for the lemon plant that sprouted like a weed indoors during winter, and sow a few flower seeds in vases. I promised myself that I wouldn't purchase anymore bulbs online until I had the "end-of-season-sale" seeds into dirt, so getting the work done today means that I get to shop later this evening. Bakker (based in Como) has been sending catalogs every week and I just can't hold out any longer. Here are just some of the flowers that I've got my eye on.

Salvia Hotlips

Zaluzianskya ovata

Kangaroo paw (I dunno...this one is kinda pricey at 20€ for a small bush)

Average daytime temperature: 16.4°C / 61.5°F


  1. We've gone back towards winter, it has been raining for the past 3 days and I think over the next couple of days the low is going down to 1°C! I hope your weather will be sunny and warm from now on.

  2. Here we are again...longing for spring to REALLY get here. We had snow today. About an inch that has now melted. Your selection of new shrubs and flowers is great. I love those hotlips! How cute. Wishing you sunshine and warm days.

  3. I hope things are looking positive for you gals! I know that this year will see us putting up protective netting over the entire garden. If it hails, at least the crops will stand a chance!

  4. Good for you Rowena! Every year we learn new ways to deal with situations in our gardening. I have a feeling we will be dealing with rabbits this year. I have been seeing a lot of pygmy cottontails around. They are so cute though!

  5. First time here !! I like your write up !!

  6. Yes, spring is here at last, although the nights are still quite chilly here. But it's time to get sowing and planting!

  7. Hooray for Spring! We returned to find that Liguria had colder than normal winter; we lost a bunch of things that have always over-wintered before. Thank you, climate change... The good thing is, when something croaks, you have the pleasure of replacing it! Have fun with your shopping (E 20 seems awfully high for a bush to me...)

  8. I smiled at seeing your citrus in a pot. I have several that I've protected inside all winter and the weather needs to cooperate before I move them outside. Trouble is they are looking pretty ratty, so today is the day! Happy growing. TC

    PS--Here's a shot of the lemons, though Bears Limes are now my favorite to grow: good for G&Ts as well as cooking. ;-)

  9. Tom - I thoroughly appreciated that link to your post. This past winter our kumquat had problems with mealybugs? scale? those little, brown hard-shelled suckers that emit a sticky substance and cling to the leaves and branches, and they totally wiped out our potted tree, no matter what sort of insecticide we sprayed on it. My husband cut off all the dead, dried out branches and the tree is outside now, but no signs of life yet.

    Still, I'd like to give citrus another go especially with a lime tree, if not another kumquat.


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