Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First warm day of the season

Purplecauliflower plant
Some dogbody bit my Cavolfiore di Sicilia Violetto

Yawn...stretch...clean out the cobwebs. Even if light snow and a drop in temperature is forecasted for the weekend, today is really feeling like spring in more ways than one. Of the 8 types of tomato seedlings that I planted on February 23rd, all but 2 types have sprouted through soil. I've also started peas and runner beans, with fava beans going directly into the ground soon. The dogs and I took a 90 minute stroll in full, blazing sunshine, walking up a gentle ascent of just over 500 feet before returning home. The odd thing is that on the other side of the mountain (we sit on the south-facing side), it still looks like this.

Forcella Alta

Daytime high: 15°C / 59°F


  1. If it's any consolation, down here it's now definitely feeling like spring. We've been having 14°+ for a couple of weeks. Have just been out on the balcony sowing some stuff.

    Think positive - at least you don't have to nag your dogs to eat their greens ... :)

  2. We look more like the north side of your hill. Still 8 inches of snow on the ground.

    You are lucky to be in such a nice micro-climate.

  3. Sue - and neither their share of fruits either! Nevertheless, I'm happy to see my tomato seedlings coming along nicely. Hopefully if spring warms up nice and sunny, I'll be able to stick a variety of seedlings into the ground come May.

    Alan - we are very fortunate. It's just amazing to go from one extreme to the next in a simple drive across the mountain pass.

  4. aloha rowena....

    wow, it looks very cold there still, i guess no rubbah slippahs yet! glad your at least sowing your seeds already...your already ahead of me for spring!

  5. Yay! Seedlings!! Is there anything more cheerful than seeing those wee little leaves poking out of the dirt?

  6. Enjoy the snow while you have it. It looks beautiful.
    What are your garden plans?

  7. I'm way behind on planting my early season veggies, but then again our 55 degree Sunday turned into a snow-flurry Monday. The shallots, garlic, and peas will just have to wait. Love the mountain photo--stunning.

  8. My windowsills are full of seedlings ready to be planted out here in Campania. We've been having a few nice days here and there but snow on all the mountains around us. Have you been having any luck with pepper seedlings? Stellina

  9. Maybelline - this year I am just going to concentrate on what grew very well in 2009 - tomatoes, legumes, kitchen herbs and corn. I might take another swing at melons if I feel that it'll be a hot summer at our altitude.

    Tom - that sudden and unexpected turn in weather happens a lot here too, but getting a headstart on seedlings seems to be a gardening "biological clock" sort of thing with me. I simply can not resist the urge to start sowing seeds! Lol!

    Stellina - this year only hot chile peppers, but I'll be heading to the nursery for seedlings. I have never had much luck growing them from seed....too cold up north. :( I envy you your warmer weather!

  10. How strange that you have winter one side of the mountain and spring the other! It seems to have been a hard winter more or less everywhere, but I think spring is on its way at last, although we had snow in the village - the first time for 30 years apparently - only last week!


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