Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank Garden It's Friday

Tomato selection 2011

From the look of what's predicted for the next 2 weeks, it appears that we'll be going through a big rainstorm atleast once every 7 days. A storm complete with small hailstones swept through the area a couple days ago, but this time the garden sustained no serious damages. I'm surprised that not even a tomato lost it's grip, seeing how some of the apricots from my neighbor's tree gave way to gravity after being tossed around in the gusts. Not much of a harvest other than almost 5 pounds of mirabelle plums that were picked too early. We figured that shaking the tree would only release the ripe ones, but we ended up with more than half that were still on the tart side and not yet a nice yellow color.

Tying up zuke plants

I did some work today in the garden which included tying the zucchini plants to a stake in order to keep them off the ground (and free up some space). I've seen this done in a few gardens here. The plants look awkward at first but in a day they are spreading their leaves up toward the sun. The image above shows one that has adjusted to its new vertical pattern while the other was just staked upright today. So far no more root damage from mice but I keep seeing new holes so they are still hanging around. It's incredible that they haven't touched the beets. I picked these this morning for part of tonight's roasted veggie dinner.

This is gonna be part of dinner

The plant for this immature Omar's Lebanese tomato was the last to fill out and grow. It now stands at about 7 feet tall and already hitting the hail netting above it. I may just have to lop off the tops, then all energy can go to the developing fruit. A reviewer on Baker Creek Heirloom says that these pink tomatoes resemble small pumpkins???

Omar's Lebanese

I also came upon these two amorous ladybugs this morning. Who needs senseless tv when you can appreciate nature doing its thang.

In the event of an error message, the video can be viewed here:


  1. A friend shared some pickled peach with me the other day, just delicious! Pickled apricots Rowena?

  2. wow! have never seen ladybugs in action...ahem :)

  3. Julie - the apricots are way past being pickled, and I'll probably eat them in a few days, straight off the tree. Maybe in a few years when the yield is higher.

    Kat - there is always something going on outside! The other day 2 cats were fighting in the chestnut first I thought they were territorial squirrels until I heard the screeching yowls.

  4. Garden porn, ya gotta love it!

  5. carlae - and you??? Where are your garden pics, or is it only work, work, work these days? I saw some recent images of my sister picking strawberries from one of those diy places....wish we had those here. How fun!


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