Monday, July 11, 2011

Thunder, lightning and hailstones big as your fist

Thank garden it's Monday because last week was a disaster. On Thursday evening a wicked storm whipped through the lake area, inconveniencing commuters heading home after work (one driver said his car sustained major damage from a large hailstone) and causing a couple of minor landslides. We returned home from grocery shopping to find a small amount of debris on the property, but the worst was losing the young nespola/japanese medlar; it had snapped completely in two right at the base.

I'm thankful that there was no other serious damage and the Friday after plus ensuing weekend was spent clearing up a mess of broken tomato branches and righting the young corn that had blown over. Surprisingly the apricot and japanese pear trees held fast, with only one apricot losing its grip. However, neither of the two are ready to eat because even after that stormy beating, they're both as hard as rocks.


  1. oh my gosh! I'm glad you had minimal damage...still that poor medlar :( what happened with the bugger eating your zukes/squash??

  2. Summer storms!can be so damaging,good to see most of your garden survived and your apricot tree.What about your neighbors apricot? Ciao

  3. Had a young coco palm go sideways during a big Kona storm a couple of years ago. Kept right on growing and now has the most alluring curve! Hope you reap some unexpected benefits from your storm, too ; )

  4. Kat - the squash thief either packed up and moved or crawled off somewhere to die. So far no plants have lost their roots!

    Andrea - surprisingly my neighbor's apricot tree suffered no damage at all! And he doesn't even have hail netting to protect his garden. Nature's way of selective elimination I suppose?

    Julie - oh how those coconut trees yield and sway so easily in a breeze. We are looking at the medlar as something that was meant to be, because now we've got a spot to put the young paw-paw tree when it's big enough.


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