Monday, August 24, 2015

I see the makings of gazpacho...

I see the makings of gazpacho

...and a rustic tomato & goat cheese tart, some stuffed baked peppers, melon and Parma prosciutto, and lots of focaccine! Intermittent seasonal rains may be causing some grief in parts of Italy but so far we've been spared the heavy downpours. On those gloomy days I've been super busy in the kitchen.

Tomato and goat cheese tart

Cherokee Purple tomatoes are always good on their own, sliced up fresh with buffalo milk mozz. But use them in baking and they turn just bad-ass tomato goodness in a rustic tart. Wholewheat flour, herbes de provence and olive oil crust, plus goat cheese and halved datterini added to the tomato mix.


Terra-cotta flan dishes are the perfect size for making focaccine. Datterini tomatoes and grapes for a savory or sweet snack. Excellent picnic food.

Nijisseiki pear

Probably because the tree is still young (we've only had it in the ground for 2 years) and also because I didn't do any thinning in the spring, the nashi (Nijisseiki) pears are the size of tennis balls. So far the tree seems to be resistant to pests and disease.

Gerbera daisy salmon pink
Gerbera daisy in salmon pink

Today's high: 70°F


  1. so happy for the fruits of your garden:)

    1. amen to that, and let's just hope that we won't have to go through another spurt of bad years like the last 2 before we get a good one!


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