Thursday, May 18, 2017

April May showers bring May flowers

The weather is gradually shifting to early summer conditions but I'm still hesitant to put anything into the ground until the forecast stabilizes. That doesn't mean any less work in the yard though. On the contrary, the lawn needs to be mowed twice a week, there is constant weed control (manually, no chemicals!), and a battle with aphids that I'm proud to say I'm winning. While all that is going on, I count the days when we'll set up the irrigation system and hail protection. Whew!

When I'm done and satisfied, I make a nice cup of hibiscus tea and admire the flowers. My husband actually thanked me one day when he came home to a perfectly manicured yard. Gardening is such a boost for the soul!

The iris patch from last year finally established itself

Iceland poppy - salmon color

Oriental poppy


  1. This year they beat the dahlias and jumped to the top of the list. I just wish I could find the blue Himalayan ones (not seeds) to complete my wish list.

  2. Some of my favorite blooms!! Irises and Poppies!! <3 Beautiful work!


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