Friday, June 9, 2017

Last of the seedlings in place - now we just hope and wait

Garden in early June

Garden update - I took advantage of today's hazy skies to transplant the last of the seedlings: padron peppers and rat tail radishes. We've been lucky on the weather with no late frosts or heavy storms, so now we just wait and hope for more beautiful days throughout summer. This year's plantings are not a lot of things but here's what I have doing nicely in the beds:
7 kinds of small pepper plants
Paul Robeson tomatoes
Cherokee Purple tomatoes
Orange-colored cherry tomatoes
Apero tiny cherry tomatoes
Burpless cucumbers
Striped zucchini
Rat tail radish

On the fruit production, it looks like we'll have some mirabelle plums and Sublima and Black Magic grapes. When we're in Provence, I'll pick up whatever is in season that'll survive the ride back home. Looking forward to posting some lavender images too!

Todays high: 24°C / 75°F


  1. always exciting to hear about your garden, crossing fingers you guys have great weather...have fun in provence!

    1. Funny thing about the weather...we both agree that if should storm, we hope it happens in Provence instead of here. I can't stand the thought of not being able to check out storm damage to my plants if it should rain, and in France, buying cheese and wine isn't dependant on the weather! ^-^

  2. Crossing my fingers for your garden! Looks like you have a nice variety of veggies growing. =)


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