Thursday, April 20, 2017

Egg-cellent Easter weekend

Easter Sunday brunch
Easter brunch

A lot of good food, some garden work, and my face stuck in the book 'Tracks' by Robyn Davidson. I liked the film better. Easter weekend brought an end to the early summer-like weather with a sudden drop in temperature and cold wind gusts that sucked the moisture out of everything. The dry air is a nuisance for my eyeballs, but it's the static that irks me most - I get zapped all the time.

Easter weekend work
Hail protection for the nashi

Easter Monday bbq picnic
Easter Monday picnic bbq

We're heading out to Tuscany for a few days and the first thing I'm going to do is check out a garden shop to see what different plants I might find (and take home).

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


So little time, so much to do... With occasional rain showers and early summer-like temps (77°F yesterday!) we've had lately, there has been more than enough to keep ourselves busy. Mowing the lawn, transplanting herbs and flowers, potting up seeds, and the neverending weeding - it's crazy! By ourselves I'm referring to my husband and myself, but a lot of the time the dachshund shows great interest in whatever I'm doing in the yard. He cracks me up.

The "yellows" (daffodil and forsythia) are on their way out which is why I've titled this post White. The wild cherry trees at the front of the property and all over the chestnut forest are in full bloom, but we've got some of that white in the yard too. One of which has four legs and likes to hang out next to the tulips.

Lots of wild cherries this year, but they're sour.

If there be no hail or late frost...
Mirabelle plum blossoms

I just love their scent
Double narcissus

Still fairly clean 1 day after her bath

Today's high: 21°C / 70°F

Delivery today or tomorrow: dahlia and iris bulbs for summer

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Looks like spring, feels like spring, tastes like spring?

Lately we've been experiencing such warm, sunny, and gorgeous days but I won't declare that it's spring just yet in case it might jinx this great weather. The Proud Garden is back in growth mode, and the new season has begun. The daffodils are in full bloom, the perennials shooting straight up out of the ground, and the roses are beginning to put out tiny new leaves.

Bleeding Heart

My poor yuzu (left) did survive the winter but is currently looking a little stressed, so I started the fertilizing process. On the other hand, the kaffir lime (right) is doing great as it was kept indoors after purchasing it last October. I've already used some of the leaves in thai cooking.

This past weekend we attended an art and nature fair at Villa Corvini in Parabiago to see if there might be something worth adding to the garden. The fair had all kinds of potted plants, flowers, herbs, and both food and craft stands.

It was also interesting to find a vendor selling kokedama, the ornamental hanging plant with a moss-covered root ball. Prices were prohibitive, so this might be a project to look into. Moss grows fairly often in shaded areas in the yard, and I always rip it out. To think that all this time I could've put the moss to good use.

We came away with a couple of herbs: bergamot mint and vietnamese coriander. They both have an amazing smell when you ruffle the leaves. I'm not quite sure how to use the mint, but I'm looking forward to using the coriander in some asian dishes.

Vietnamese coriander

Last but not least, Mister B the daffodil eater. I was trying to snap a photo of him sniffing the flower, but he had it in his head to take the bloom in his mouth. That dog will taste anything!